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Wedding Prices

Self Drive from £95

Our All Dayer self drive package is often best suited for weddings. The car is yours for around 10 hours. We also deliver and collect our cars so we could deliver the car in the morning to your chosen address (such as the bride’s departure point) and collect from your wedding venue in the afternoon. You can also have up to three different drivers for each car (so potentially one driver on the way to the ceremony, another afterwards and then another to return the car !)

Longer hire packages are available up to 36 hours for our Wedding Day package.

Wedding Ribbons and Bows are provided free of charge for any self drive hire period (excluding Quick Spin). Our other Wedding Decorations are included in our Wedding Day package or can be added to any hire package for an additional charge of £15.

Click here for all our self drive packages and prices.

Chauffeur Driven Prices

All prices shown on this page include the following:

  • A suited and booted chauffeur (except the tandem !)
  • Round trip delivery to locations within a 10 mile travel distance of Sutton Coldfield Townhall
  • Four hours use of the vehicle from first pick up to last drop off inclusive of 10 miles transfer mileage
  • Ribbons, bows and decorations from our selection (balloons extra – see details below)
  • VAT

Please Contact Us for prices if you need something different to the above.

We know it’s boring, but please look at our Terms and Conditions to check payment terms and what else is and isn’t included in prices.

Chauffeur Driven Wedding Prices

Group 1 (Jaguar XJ6)

Low Season – £195
High Season – £245

Peak day supplements:

Low Season – £35
High Season – £45

Group 2 (Fiat 500, 2CV, Figaro, Mini, Sambar)

Low Season – £245
High Season – £280

Peak day supplements:

Low Season – £35
High Season – £45

Group 3 (Tandem)

Low Season – £75
High Season – £95

Peak day supplements:

Low Season – £15
High Season – £25

Group 4 (No Cars)

Low Season – £
High Season – £

Peak day supplements:

Low Season – £
High Season – £

Season and Peak Day Definitions

  • Low – January, February, March, October, November, December
  • High – April, May, June, July, August, September
  • Peak Days – Any UK Bank Holiday, Saturday, Sunday, Valentines Day, 20th December to 02nd January inclusive.

Multi Booking Discounts

If you want more than one car for your wedding, add up the total cost for your chosen cars from the tables above and then apply the following discounts to the total cost. Discounts only apply when booking more than one car for the same date. The tandem does not count as a car for the purpose of calculating discounts below but a 10% discount to tandem prices will apply when booked with any car on the same day.

2 cars – 5% discount

3 cars – 10% discount

4 or 5 cars – 15% discount


Cars – Wedding decorations, ribbons and bows are included in the Chauffeur Driven prices shown above and generally include the following for each car: Just Married sign, floral or heart wreath, ribbons or bunting, two floral garlands, sun strip signs (not personalised) wicker basket or suitcase. Examples of the decorations are shown in the photos on this website.

All flowers are silk– please enquire for the use of fresh flowers.

Some decorations require a boot rack to be fitted which will be provided free of charge.

Car Balloon Release – £69 (only with at least one chauffeur driven car booking)

Tandem – prices include ribbons, bows, wicker basket on handle bars with silk flowers and floral suitcase or small (empty) wicker basket on rear carrier. Additional or different decorations upon request.