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A Wedding Kiss

Looking for something unusual but stylish (dare we say cool ?) to transport you on your big day? Our iconic cars (and a tandem !) will be exquisitely decorated for you to surprise your guests and make you smile. Take a look at some of our cars in their fully decorated glory

So, if you want to arrive in style, leave in style or just hang around in style we work to your needs whether you want one car or all six. All traditional (and less traditional) wedding transport arrangements can be met (obviously bride and groom can be substituted for bride and bride or groom and groom etc. for same sex weddings – we have the decorations to suit!)

  • Bride and father
  • Mother and Bridesmaids
  • Groom and Best Man
  • Bride and Groom ‘getaway’ car

We can arrange for our cars to be used at weddings all year round nationally on the UK mainland.

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Little Extras.

We always carry white umbrellas and other little items which can make a big difference (mints, mirrors, tissues)

Want to hear your favourite music on your first journey of married life? No problem – let us know and we can help make the necessary arrangements.

Self Drive or Chauffeur Driven?

We are pleased to offer both options of the traditional chauffeur driven and self drive for our cars. Our chauffeurs are all polite, well presented, suited and booted.

As well as costing less, self drive can also provide a more relaxed and personal experienced being accompanied by your loved ones. So, whether dad wants to drive his daughter on her last journey as a single woman, or the bride wants to drive the groom on his first journey of his married life, it’s all possible. And you can say whatever you like to each other on the journey. It also means you can choose two seat cars too that wouldn’t really work as well with a chauffeur.

Not going far?

No problem. If your wedding is all at the same venue our cars still make a fantastic photo opportunity. You can still drive off though – it’s a good excuse for the happy couple to escape for a few minutes of ‘us’ time after the ceremony. Leave in a beautifully decorated ‘getaway’ car and keep your guests guessing whether you’re going to come back.